Change Management Plan Template

It is not possible for a business to always run on the same strategies and plans forever but as the trends in the market change, it is crucial for the business to also change its strategies and ways of functioning. The development of the process of making and implementing these changes in the company is also known as change management plan.

Brief Description and Importance of Change Management Plan:

When a company is run on a long term strategy, the employees get used to working in the same way and any kind of change can affect their loyalty and performance in the company. But, on the other hand, it is also very important to make the change in the company. This is where change management plan comes handy as it provides the ways to implement the changes in the company and also gives a track to handle the reaction of company employees about the upcoming change.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Change Management Plan Template created using MS Word,

Change Management Plan Template

Here are the Steps to Create a Change Management Plan for your Business:

  1. Define your Business Type:
    This is the first step of change management planning and it defines what kind of business you run and what your operations are. This way when the supervisor has a clear understanding of the business, it is easier for him to develop the change management plan and assess their effectiveness for the future. For example, here we are talking about a company that offers construction services.
  2. Explains Exactly What Need to be Changed in the Company:
    This is where you explain the setbacks of your company and the strategies that are keeping the business from growing. It also includes the enlisting of the strategies, goals, objectives and operations of the company that are proved to be obstacles in the development plan and needs to be changed as soon as possible. It can be fewer operations, small number of clientele and less recognition in the market for a construction company that it needs to change.
  3. Define What Problems the Company is Interfacing by Not Making the Change:
    This is the step where you need to explain why it’s crucial for the company to adopt the changes right away and what the problems are that the company is facing by not implementing the change. It can be a problem in operations, marketing, dealing with new clients or acquiring more customers from around the world.
  4. Define how it’s Possible to Change What Needs to be Changed in the Business:
    Here you explain how it’s possible to make some changes in the company. it is obvious that no matter how crucial the changes are, company gets off the track for a while when changes are made and this step explains the process or strategy to keep the company on track and elimination of the fact that any change will backfire the progress or operations of the company.
  5. Define How to Address People About the Upcoming Change in the Company:
    Companies and businesses are run by people i.e. employees, managers, stakeholders, suppliers and customers and it is not possible to make any kind of change in the company without telling these people prior to the implementation of any change that they need to prepare themselves for the upcoming change in the company.

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