Salary Certificate Template

Salary Certificate is a very clear, transparent, and detailed document that makes the basis for employee taxation. It holds the complete evidence about the employee name, designation under an organization, experience, work tenure, promotions, salary details, deductions, etc. the HR department of the organization is liable to prepare and issue this document if the employee demands it. This document is considered privacy sensitive, which is usually stamped and sealed the director of the organization.

Employees need Salary Certificate for various reasons, for instance when they apply for a new job vacancy or a bank loan. The potential employer checks this document to get the idea about how much salary should be quoted to the particular candidate. The bank authorities ask them to bring some of the basic documents along with the loan application form including the Salary Certificate and the latest salary slip attached. There are many other purposes behind getting this document. People need it when they apply for a credit card, get an insurance policy, taxation procedures, and many more, as it is valuable substitute to the creditworthiness of the employee.

Usually the organizations issue a Salary Certificate that is valid for one financial year. But some organizations may entitle the employee for this certificate up to 4 times in each quarter year gap. In such case, a photocopy of this document is a solution.

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Salary Certificate Template

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The Salary Certificate document is equally valuable for both parties, the employee and employer. Basically the Salary Certificate document provides the following information of an employee: designation, net salary, promotions, or incentives if any. Net salary is the gross salary along with the allowances minus the deducted amounts of salary. Deductions are usually the amounts the employer withholds from employee’s pay check. These deducted amounts are usually used to make payments to tax agencies according to the requirements. The allowances and standard deductions rely entirely on the employer or the organization, but in lieu with the rules and regulation defined by the government.

In the majority of the cases, Salary Certificates is issued without a clear configuration. The Salary Certificate Letter must contain some important data identified with employee’s pay details and salary break-up including the tenure. A Salary Certificate is an official certificate that must contain an employee’s monthly earnings, monthly total deductions, salary break-ups and an outline of net pay received amid the month. It ought to be able to express the financial position of the employee alongside personality details, position and remaining years to retirement.

Gross pay and allowances are to be appeared on Salary Certificate document. Under this consideration, Salary Certificate form demonstrates the sums an employee is qualified to get from the employer. Salary Certificate demonstrates the gross salary sum which will be the whole of the considerable number of figures. Under the deductions section, Salary Certificate document demonstrates each and every figures of whole pay that are to be deducted from the salary similar to income tax and other taxes to be deducted at source otherwise called TDS, instalments of loans or progresses repayable by the employee, and so forth. The gross salary, also called net salary that is paid to the employee is stated exclusive of the total deductions of salary.