Show Cause Notice Sample

What is a Show Cause Notice?

A show cause notice is a very complicated document that is only used in professional work places i.e. companies, organizations and government departments. It’s a notice to a particular employee or number of employees to show the cause of what they did and to explain why they did that.

Brief Description of Show Cause Notice:

It is not that uncommon or rare that sometimes employees or company personnel violate the company rules and regulations. It can be intentionally or unintentionally but when this happens, company wants to listen to the employee before terminating his employment with the company or filing a law suit against his actions. This is just a way to give the employee a chance to explain his situation and come clear in front of his superiors.

For example, an employee doesn’t come in the office for a week or two and he doesn’t inform anyone about his absence. So when he comes back, he is asked to show the cause of his absence and then he tell them that he had an accident and there weren’t the situation to let anybody know about the accident. It is possible that there is a clear and possible explanation to each action of an employee and he should be given at least one chance to explain himself in front of the investigation committee so that the company won’t terminate his employment and he can continue his work routines once again.

Sample Show Cause Notice:

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Show Cause Notice Sample

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Elements of a Show Cause Notice:

  • Name of the company or internal department
  • Name of the employee(s) asked to show cause
  • Date when the notice is issued
  • Details of the incident that led to the show cause notice
  • Date until the employee can reply to the notice
  • Information about a meeting in which the employee is required to be present (optional)
  • Signature of the authorized person in the HR department

Reasons of sending a Show Cause Notice:

There could be dozens of reasons why companies send show cause notices to their employees but the most important reason is to let the employee describe his situation and explain what he did and why he did before company terminates his employment. This is just a way to find if the employee is really guilty or he had no other choice other than committing the fraud or crime.

Where to find a Show Cause Notice?

It is very easy to find show cause notices online on internet where dozens of websites facilitate the visitors with a huge list of available templates of show cause notices. Here you can choose an available one or make your own notice just by following some simple instructions. Other than that, companies and organizations prepare their own show cause notices with the help of HR department. It doesn’t need to include a high level personnel in the preparation process but only the HR managers and assistants can prepare it and send it to the required employee(s).