Website Art License Agreement Template

When a company or a website owner wants to display some art from an artist on the website, they have to ask for the permission from the primary owner and buy the license to use the art on the website. It depends on each type of deal and type of art that either the artist or owner wants to display the art for free or he wants to charge for the license. The legal contract that is written between the artist/owner and the licensee in order to obtain the rights for display the art on the website is known as the website art license agreement.

Brief Description of Website Art License Agreement:

If you ask any artist that what the key reason behind his work is, most of the artists and creative people will tell you that they want to show their talent to the people around the world and the key objective of their hard work is to get famous so that people can appreciate their efforts. Marketing and advertising companies know this fact and thus, they take essential steps to make profit with displaying the art of artists on their websites. It depends on each artist and type of art he creates that if he wants marketers to display the art free of charge or if he wants to make money with use of his work. In either case, if a marketer or company wants to use the art on their website, they have to get the permission from the artist and license is the legal form of permission.

With signing the license, the artists allow the marketers and website owners to display his art worldwide and distribute and reproduce it if they want. In this process, even when the artist is allowing the website owners to use his art online, there are specific jurisdictions and boundaries that artists like to present to the licensee in order to control the illegal use and distribution of the art. The agreement that is signed by the owner of the art and the licensee that includes all the guidelines and instructions for each partner in known as the website art license agreement and usually it includes the terms of use described by the artist, compensation from the licensee for the use of art and legal responsibilities and rights of each party in the deal.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Website Art License Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Website Art License Agreement

Key Elements to add in the Website Art License Agreement:

  • Name of the client/website owner/licensee
  • Name of the art content/services provider
  • Details and specification of the art content required by the client
  • Deadline and schedule for providing art
  • compensation and payment of the art content
  • Intellectual property rights of the art content
  • Display and distribution of the art on the website
  • Ownership and legal rights of the art content
  • Duration for valid license and deadline to renew the agreement
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement
  • Mutually agreed clauses of the agreement
  • Termination and validation of the agreement
  • Results of violation of the agreement
  • Signature of client/licensee and art content provider

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Download Website Art License Agreement Template