Grocery Shopping List Template

A grocery shopping list is a list that you prepare before you go for grocery shopping. This list helps the shoppers with the stuff that they need so that they don’t need to remember if they are missing anything but they can just use the list and purchase the items included on the list. You can make this list just before you go out for grocery shopping but it would be better if you keep adding items around the week as soon you find out that you ran out of a certain item so that when you finally go for shopping, you don’t miss anything.

Brief description of a Grocery Shopping List:

How many times have you walked in a grocery store and forgot exactly what you wanted to buy and where you wanted to spend your money? This happens to most of us that even if we try to remember the grocery items that we need to buy but as soon we enter in a super market, we either forgot to buy the required items or buy more than what we actually need. This is where the grocery shopping list can help you out.

With this list, you can see exactly what you want or need for your home and this way you don’t need to worry about forgetting or missing something or buying something that wasn’t in the grocery shopping plan. Also it is very easy to make this list with putting price of each item on the list so that you know exactly how much money you will need to shop and if you are short on money, you can just postpone the shopping of less important items on next week.

What to include in a Grocery Shopping List?

It is very easy to make a grocery shopping list and you can do it either by writing the items of grocery that you need to shop on a simple document or make a computer generated document that you can print to make it look cooler. Basically you only need to include the names of the items that you need for your home but if you have time, you can also put prices of each item on the list so that you can calculate if you have enough money for going through the entire list or you have to eliminate less important items and shop for them next week.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Grocery Shopping List Template created using MS Word,

Grocery Shopping List Template

Sections of a Grocery Shopping List:

1.     Bakery and bread:
In this section of the grocery shopping list, you need to include the items that relate to bakery and bread including biscuits, bread, buns, pastries and the material that is used to bake at home.

2.     Rice and pulses:
This section should include the rice, flour, wheat and pulses that you need for your home. Make sure to include the amount of each pulse and other items so that you don’t spend a lot of money on something that you might need once or twice a month.

3.     Sea food and meat:
Here you include the type of meat and amount of each type of meat that you want for your home. Include chicken, beef, mutton, fish, prone and other items of meat.

4.     Oils and sauces:
This section includes the vegetable oil, frying oil, cooking oil, salad dressing oil and sauces i.e. hot sauce, vinegar, chili sauce etc.

5.     Breakfast food:
All the items that you and your family members like to have in the breakfast should be included in this section.

Here is download link for this Grocery Shopping List Template,

Download Grocery Shopping List Template