Interior Design Invoice Template

An interior designer offers different services to its customer and receives some amount against his/her services. As an interior designer, you have to work as an accountant also to bill your clients. It is important to design a perfect interior design for your clients to get paid on time and to have proof of pending amounts. Without an invoice, it will be difficult for you to get paid for your hard work. The invoice will make it easy to bill your potential client properly, and you can get payment on right time for your hard work.

While billing an interior design client, you have to write about the time spent with the client, the time you spent while working on the project and any material you have purchased to complete the work. Write every item separately to avoid any confusion and errors for easy understanding of invoice.

Guidelines to Write Interior Design Invoice

An interior design invoice is designed to maintain payment record of your business and following are some guidelines that will enable you to design a perfect interior design invoice:

  • In the first step, you have to decide an hourly rate for your services before creating an invoice. Do not forget to consider the expense on your project before selecting an hourly rate for your services.
  • Conduct a meeting with your client and discuss the expenses, time and cost will be incurred on the project. You have to explain your needs according to the project and inform clients about your hourly rate. Keep the record of how log the session takes and what are the important requirements of the project.
  • Create the record of hourly work with your activities. Maintain daily records such as write down the day, date and total hours worked and time spent during working. Include total time you have spent while talking to the client, or time spent shopping for the purchasing of materials.
  • It is important to create a complete record to include any material and supplies you have purchased and secure all receipts to provide a complete record of expenses.
  • If you have to take the services of a third party, do not forget to maintain the record of third party contractors. For instance, to install a drywall in the house, you have to hire a third party to complete this work. Carefully maintain the invoices of a third party contractor and write total cost paid to these people.
  • Your final interior design invoice will be divided into three sections. You have to add up your bill in the final section and include all dates and time you have worked during the project. Write about all materials and supplies in the purchased section that will be the second section of your invoice.
  • You have to create an itemized list to show all material and a total cost. Add up the cost of hiring third party contractors in the last section. Show the total payment that you have paid to the contractors. Include final total on the bill after adding billing hours, materials and contract works.

Free Interior Design Invoice Template

Here is preview of a Free Sample Interior Design Invoice Template created using MS Word,

Interior Design Invoice Template

Common Mistakes of Interior Design Invoice

  • Do not forget to attach the receipts of materials and supplies purchased and invoices of the third party contractors to the back of the invoice.
  • Always maintain both hard copy and soft copy of the invoice to avoid any conflict and to collect your payment on the right time.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Interior Design Invoice Template,

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