Policy Termination Notice Sample

Companies run on strategies and policies but that doesn’t mean that a company defines its strategies and policies only once in the life time and then for the rest of the life, it has to run on the same policies. But, companies define new policies all the time and usually it is done in the beginning of every year. When it’s time to define new policies, the old policies are terminated and no longer in operations. When a policy is not valid anymore, company sends an official notice to all the departments about the termination of the policy and that notice is called policy termination notice.

Brief Description of Policy Termination Notice:

For those who think that companies run on long term policies; it is not true and there are only few of the companies that never change their policies but most of the time, each company has to change the policy. This is why when policies are made, the company knows that it will be implemented for a short period of time and eventually it will be terminated.

Another thing to keep in mind is that no company terminates the policies before making new ones and when the policy is terminated, it means the company has already prepared a new strategy for next few weeks or months. When  a policy is terminated, it is very important for the company to inform the employees of the company, the internal department that will be affected by the termination, stakeholders, outside partners and suppliers of the company so that if they are required to make the same changes in their operations, they can do it in time.

Elements of a Policy Termination Notice:

  • Name of the company who is terminating the policy
  • Name of the policy that is being terminated
  • Date of issuance of the termination order
  • Reference number to the termination order
  • Validation date of the new policy
  • The name of the head or CEO who signed the termination order
  • Departments that will be affected by the policy termination
  • Possible reasons of the termination (optional)

Where to find a Policy Termination Notice?

Policy termination notice is a very formal and official document that is only sent by the companies and organizations to the employees and internal departments. This is why only the companies prepare these notices and usually the HR department or higher management is responsible for preparing this notice because they know which departments and employees the termination will affect. Usually the notice is placed on the company notice board so that employees can see it and get to know about the termination where it is also sent via email to high level employees of the company including the stakeholders and suppliers of the company. On the other hand, if you have a small company and don’t know how to prepare this notice, you can see different samples and templates on internet and if you like any of them, you can also download it for free.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Policy Termination Notice created using MS Word,

Policy Termination Notice Sample

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