Sales Proposal Template

As the title suggests, this proposal is dedicated towards generation of sales. In this age of stiff competition, companies adopt various policies to generate sales and maximize their profit margins in return. The profitability of any company is dependent on sales and sales hence are dependent on the strategies that a company adopts. Capturing a big market share requires hard work and dedication. Huge budget is allocated to explore the techniques that a company can adopt to increase its sales. Marketing managers are hired to view this perspective of marketing techniques. Sales managers view the quantity of sales as compared to the marketing efforts that are being made. Various kinds of strategies are amalgamated to come up with a unique strategy.

Companies also hire specialized people to write sales proposals. They are good at the professional techniques that must be followed to achieve the desired goal of increased sales. Sales proposal should be written in a manner that it compels the reader to buy the product from your company. Every bit of information regarding the product that is being offered for sale should be mentioned in the proposal. It should not miss any opportunity on the basis of misrepresentation of the information. Pricing policy of the company regarding the product, the mode of payment, delivery timeframe and quality should be mentioned in the proposal. If the proposal is solicited then the specifications should meet the criteria mentioned in the advertisement or offer. But in case of unsolicited one, there can be anything that you want but nothing irrelevant.

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Sales Proposal Template

In introduction of the sales proposal, information regarding the company name, its specialty, its business, core aim, and products and services that it offers is given. Also inclusion of vision and mission can differentiate the company from rest of its rivals. How your firm is different from existing firms in the market? The answer in itself gives answer to many other questions arising in the mind of prospective client. The history of the company and its core capabilities should be mentioned to educate the reader as well as to gain his trust. The unique selling proposition of the company regarding its specific product should be elaborated to indulge the reader in the firm’s competitiveness. One section in the introduction should be devoted to customer service commitment. In this section value should be created for customers by taking them on board. How customer’s feedback can be valuable for the company? And many like questions should be answered at this stage to fully gain the reader’s interest in the products of company. Now the products and services that the company offers must be listed down. Here the competitiveness of the products should be illustrated and how these products can make you life easy. What products can do for you? Answer should be given with a clear picture of its usability.  After this entire document should be compelling and motivating, motivating the prospective clients to experience the products or services offered by the company. Although a lot of time needs to be invested to come up with an impressive sales proposal but this will definitely reap the benefits expected from it.

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