Business Proposal Template

Business proposal is a very wide term. There can be wide variety of businesses out there. It can be of telecommunication, medicine, mobile phones, and automobiles and so on. So every business will write a proposal according to its needs and requirements but still the fundamental structure largely remains the same. Every businessman wants to expand his business and increase its sales which will ultimately result in increased profitability. This motive underlines the goal behind any business proposal. All efforts are made to capture the market share by attracting the prospective customers. A well-written proposal can change the mind of the client and make him buy the product offered in the proposal. This kind of loyalty can only be created by writing an effective business proposal.

Proposal can be categorized into two types: solicited proposals and unsolicited ones. Solicited proposals are the response to the advertisements by different organizations whereas unsolicited are not responses rather initiatives on one’s own lead. In unsolicited proposal, the writer targets the potential customers by first doing a research on its business activity. All information regarding its business problem, issues, threats and market share is taken and then after carefully analyzing any flaws in its system a solution is devised through the business proposal. Proposal not only talks about the problem that the client is facing but also the solution to its problem and the pricing mechanism. This gives the customer a vivid picture of whole scenario. In unsolicited proposals, writer should take extra care and more hard work needs to be put in as a detailed analysis of the working strategies of the customer has to be taken into account. Also what its competitors are offering to the customers should also be mentioned to make a vivid comparison of both situations.

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Business Proposal Template

Many a times two terms: business proposal and business plan are used in place of each other. But they differ fundamentally in their descriptions. Business proposal contains solution to the issues of any prospective buyer or the organization itself. Whereas the business plan contains information regarding the goals set for the business in the long-run and short term. A winning business proposal can only be developed if the writer has a proper understanding of this term as well as the importance of a well-written business proposal. It can either make the writer land in the court of buyer or can be kicked out of the scenario in no time. Sometimes when a business proposal is being written without any request by the client then the assurance to the client can be given in several ways. One being that the client should be made aware of his problem. Problem should be stated in the form of a problem statement. Many times even the client won’t be aware of his problem, so clearly indicating it with evidences and comparison by the competitors can give an assurance to the client about the validity of the writer’s information. Afterwards, the solution to the problem can be discussed, followed by the pricing policy of writer. Such layout of business proposal can be lucrative for a prospective customer as well as for the business of the writer.

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