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Preschool education (or child education) is the stipulation of learning to children earlier than the beginning of constitutional and compulsory education; generally it starts between the age of zero and three or five, depending on the authority. In some countries, such as the United States, preschool leads the Kindergarten and the normal primary school system. In others, as well as to a large extent of Europe, preschool and Kindergarten programs are the equivalent to the early childhood education programs. Preschool programs might be part of or detach from child care services considered necessary by working parents. Such programmers might be operated by the government or some private enterprises. In various countries the government provides the considerable financial support to pay for the costs for the programs. The mission for the child is to assure the needs of the achievement value, excitement and enjoyment, liberty, selection, and feel right, respect and love which shape the foundations for strong improvement and lifetime knowledge. Preschoolers are reliant upon an instructor for attainment of knowledge. This initial knowledge seeking has need of growth of accurate knowledge, talent and guidance. The plan must be make by the child himself this will be an initial plan and approved by the instructor who shall make a decision after the assessment of the child’s intelligence.

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The reading for the preschool children is the key to success for their future life but it seems many times that a lot of tall mature looking kids are discomfit to read loudly and if sometimes the teacher ask them to read out the lesson then they usually read too softly to be heard as if any rational and kindhearted teacher would satisfy and let such type of students sit down otherwise they punished. It is a thought that it is shyness or a problem of one or two individuals only but talking with them one on one it is discovered a sadder revelation many of them could barely read. Powerlessness towards reading was standing in the approach of their achievement in almost all subjects. And the worse part of this is that a long time ago each of them made a mental leap to some horrible conclusions like I am stupid, I can never read, I am dump and other similar to these but actually they are very smart and with a little help they can read accurately. The main reason is that they had not been taught well and maybe someone unintentionally blames them, not the poor teaching which was very distressing for students.

A lesson plan is an instructor’s comprehensive account of the lessons of teaching for an individual class. A lesson plan is created by a teacher to direct the class instructions on daily basis. Particulars will different depending on the first choice of the teacher, topic being covered, and the need and or inquisitiveness of children. There might be requirements authorized by the school system concerning the plan. So as far as the topic of the preschool lesson plan is concern it should be the easy and should have a long lasting effect on students like the teacher could take help form the shapes, diagrams, charts and even the models of the living things like animals. And now a day the models of the plants are also available so students at preschool should learnt by such materials so that they can remember these practical things for a long time comparatively to the book reading.

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